Scholarships / Financial Aid


 Hard copies of some scholarships are available in the Counseling Office. 

Other scholarships are listed below under 'Related Links' 


Navigating the Financial Aid Process:

Please see this presentation developed by the SUNY system on successfully navigating the Financial Aid process.

Our college-bound students and their families are encouraged to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid - the FAFSA.

Visit the Start Here, Get There campaign to help navigate the process.


  •       Word of mouth for scholarships offered through local businesses, banks, clubs, etc.
  •       Scholarship box in counseling office (check often)
  •       Bulletin boards outside cafeteria
  •       Gananda web site
  •       Call the Financial Aid offices and check web sites of your colleges of interest 

Helpful Websites: - Online application and information on Federal Student Financial Aid - Complete the financial aid estimator - Estimates your eligibility for federal student aid - Input your information and have matching scholarships emailed to you - Comprehensive directory of merit scholarships