10 Project Lead The Way Biomedical Students Receive White Coats

On May 3, 2022, ten of our high school students participated in our Project Lead The Way (PLTW) Biomedical "White Coat Ceremony." Each student received a special white lab coat to signify their completion of the three course program and to honor the beginning of their journey towards medical excellence. 
Students within the PLTW Biomedical program engage in real-world challenges by working together to find solutions to problems.  They use the same tools professionals in hospitals and labs use to complete hands-on activities. Students completing all three courses gain in-demand knowledge and skills to help them on their journey past high school, not only in medical fields, but also in any career path they take.
Congratulations to:
Gabrielle Brice
Madison Chatfield
Olivia Davis
Isabelle Keovongxay
Larisa Kotok
Josie LaDuke
Julia Melnik
Kara Newton
Eisele Schachtner
Penny Walter
Additionally, the following seniors received a special red cord to wear at Graduation to signify their completion of the program:
Sydney Campbell
Olivia Davis
Emma Guthrie
Christian Jenny
Tierney Kelley
Isabelle Keovongxay
Ethan Kuntz
Nadia Martyniuk
Justen Moskal