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Course Offerings

Electives FLCC/Gemini, MCC and RIT Courses
AcaPanthers Gemini Accounting
Anatomy and Physiology Gemini Chemistry
Astronomy Gemini English 101 and 103
Band Gemini French IV 201 and 202
Becoming a Media Influencer Gemini French V 203 and 204
Biophysics Gemini Health 212
Careers in Athletics Gemini Mathematics of Money
Chorus Gemini Microsoft Applications
Civil War Gemini Pre-Calculus
Creative Writing Gemini Spanish IV 201 and 202
Drawing & Painting Gemini Spanish V 203 and 204
Earth and Space Science MCC PLTW Digital Electronics @ PalMac
Fake News & Media RIT Computer Integrated Manufacturing @ PalMac
Forensics I and II RIT Principles of Engineering @ PalMac
Graphic Design Honors Classes
History Through Film English 9 H
Holocaust and Prejudice Studies English 10 H
How to Be An Adult Financially Global 9 H
How to Be Your Own Boss  
Jazz Ensemble Advanced Placement Courses
Leadership AP Biology
Movies We Love AP Calculus (AB)
Music Theory I AP Computer Science A Java Programming
Performance AP PLTW Computer Science Principles Programming and Internet Basics
Perspectives on Human Rights AP English Literature and Composition
Printmaking AP Physics I
Psychology AP Physics II
STEM Science AP United States History
Science of Sports  
Sculpture and Ceramics Project Lead the Way Courses:
Select Chorus PLTW Biomedical Science
Songs & Lyrics Principles of Biomedical Science
Sports & Entertainment Marketing Human Body Systems
Sports Streaming @ PalMac Medical Interventions
Statistics Biomedical Innovation
Studio in Art  
Team Sports PLTW Engineering
Teen Talk RIT Computer Integrated Manufacturing @ PalMac
Theater Tech MCC Design and Drawing for Production @ PalMac
The World at War MCC Digital Electronics @ PalMac
Yearbook and Photojournalism Engineering Design and Development @ PalMac
  Manufacturing Materials and Processes @ PalMac
Wayne Tech and Career Center (WTCC) RIT Principles of Engineering @ PalMac
Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering  
Animal Science PLTW Computer Science
Auto Body Repair Apps and Game Design (PLTW CSE)
Automotive Technology PLTW Cybersecurity
Carpentry Java Programming (AP Computer Science A)
Computer Programming & Video Game Design Programming and Internet Basics (AP Computer Science Principles)
Conservation Python Programming (Project STEM)
Criminal Justice  
Culinary Arts  
Electrical Trades  
Health Professions  
New Vision Health Therapy Sciences  
New Vision Medical Careers  
New Vision Veterinary Assistant  
Power Mechanics  
Professions in Education and Human Services  


*All elective offerings are contingent on enrollment, budget and scheduling.

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