November: Students of the Month

If you see Hailey S., Braeden C., Nick F. or Maddy F., be sure to offer a hearty congratulations. 

That’s because they’re the Ruben A. Cirillo High School Students of the Month for November. 

Hailey, a senior, has displayed the tenets of UNITY by being positive, encouraging and supportive of peers, along with being DRIVEN in the classroom with a readiness to learn and a willingness to ask questions and advocate for herself and her classmates. 

Hailey also is seen often in the hallway greeting students and teachers with a RESPECTful and genuine smile. We proudly recognize her as our senior selection for November. 

Among the juniors, Braeden is admired and appreciated for the unparalleled RESPECT he shows to teachers and administrators. His kindness and positivity are OUTSTANDING and directly impact the people around him, adults and peers alike. Braeden is a breath of fresh air and we are honored to recognize him as Student of the Month.

Nick, a sophomore, has demonstrated a ton of DRIVE this first marking period by competing at a high level of the football team, demonstrating maturity in the classroom, and maintaining an excellent GPA all at the same time.

And Maddy, a freshman, is recognized for her outstanding level of effort, academic success, and classroom conduct. 

In addition for November, Gananda Rotary recognized a Citizen of the Month:

Anthony S. was awarded a certificate and a shirt from the Gananda Rotary for being selected as the Gananda student who: 


• demonstrates a positive attitude toward their classmates, school and community

• displays an understanding and appreciation of civic responsibility

• leads by example

• possess the strength and courage to do what is right

• takes initiative to help others

• participates in community service


Gananda CSD is proud of these students who excel for themselves and classmates. Keep up the great work and stay tuned for December’s Students of the Month.