January 2024: Students of the Month

The new year is off to a spectacular start at Gananda but five students at Ruben A. Cirillo High School have even more to celebrate.

Olivia C., Olivia M., Alex G., Kaydence D. and Tori F. each were honored as Students of the Month for January 2024. Olivia C. (9th), Olivia M. (10th), Alex G. (11th) and Kaydence D. (12th) were honored by the high school staff and Tori F. was honored by Gananda Rotary as its Citizen of the Month.

Students were honored for their achievements as they relate to the Gananda Proud acronym of Practice Self-Control, Respect, Outstanding, Unity and Respect.

Among seniors, Kaydence was recognized for her hard work and always being ready to help anyone in need. When she misses school, she is proactive about catching up. She attempts to motivate her peers to make good decisions. She has a busy work schedule outside of school, and she is committed to her personal goals.

For the juniors, Alex was a unanimous selection by Team 11. He exemplifies each letter in the PROUD acronym. He is inquisitive, self-motivated and notably successful. We are each honored to have had him in class.

Olivia M., a sophomore, has been working hard to keep her grades up, practicing UNITY by helping her peers in her classes, and being an excellent student athlete. OUTSTANDING work by her this month.

Olivia C., a freshman, has demonstrated she is DRIVEN in her studies and has proven to submit OUTSTANDING quality of work while also showing RESPECT toward teachers and peers.

At Gananda Rotary, Tori was recognized for her volunteer work in the community and church with the expectation of little or no recognition. She brings food to families in need. She teaches young children. She consistently puts the needs of others before her own. 

She takes pride in service as well as academics. She gives her free time to GCYT before athletic practice and still goes to work after that. Thank you Tori for all that you do in the community! 

Congratulations to the five Gananda students who are honored for being such a vital part of the Gananda community. Keep up the great work and stay tuned for the February awards as we strive to make #GanandaProud.

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